JeliNet NZ's Services

We offer a wide range of online services for New Zealand businesses, individuals and organisations.

Responsive Website Design & Build

'Responsive' is a build process that ensures your site looks good on mobiles, tablets and desktops. All our latest sites are built to these new standards which have now been widely adopted. We can undertake the whole process from brief to publication.

Content Managed Websites (CMS)

We use WordPress as a platform for your CMS websites - sites you can log in to and keep updated with relative ease. Of course you have the option to choose less expensive 'static' sites and leave the updates to us. The choice is always yours and we offer the best solutions tailored to your requirements and budgets.

Website Maintenance

We have many clients for whom we offer a professional maintenance and update service for existing websites. We are also able to edit and work with Flash, even though it's now less used than it once was. If you're stuck because your current provider has let you down, get in touch.

HTML Email Design, Build and Broadcast

Also known as EDMs (Electronic Direct Marketing) this is our specialist area. We supply dozens of builds and broadcasts per month going out to hundreds of thousands of recipients. It is proven to be a solid way for businesses to keep customers up to date on a cost effective and regular basis. It requires specialist skills using very old-fashioned coding, which we are experts in as we have been around a while!

Social Media Marketing and Blogging Services

Regarded as essential SEO tools, these services are a cost-effective way to promote your business online. We have the skills to help you get noticed through our sister-service at Digital Armchair.