The costs of web design varies considerably and, quite frankly, you can pay much more for exactly the same product from different suppliers. All jobs should take the same time for a developer of similar experience to do, so it comes down to hourly rates.

Hourly rates

Our standard hourly rate is £45.00 - no VAT. This covers all the of the tricky stuff like design and coding. If you have a large site that needs a lot of content adding or regularly changing we can offer lower hourly rates, or monthly maintenance deals.

We do not quote sites based on the number of pages as this rarely translates well. One page can take several hours to create whilst another can be done in fifteen minutes. Instead, we look at your whole brief and quote for the complete project.

Entry level website design & build

A typical guide price for an entry-level small business site built in WordPress (the most popular Content Management System) which allows you to change content going forward is £800.00 - no VAT. This type of site is all that most trades-folk or small businesses need to have a solid online presence. It will contain key information about your business, it's services, galleries if needed and steaming videos (if you have them), the people behind it and how to contact you. If you do not need to be able to edit your own site our build costs drop to typically £600 for non-CMS entry level sites.

All sites we build are mobile-friendly by default and built & optimised to organic search engine standards - in plain English they are built to be found but we never promise you #1 rankings as no one can do that. We help you with organising UK-based web hosting (typically £50 per year) and domain name registration. We explain how you can keep these essential parts under your full ownership and control. We have seen too many clients get 'burnt' when previous web designers vanish leaving their client's domain names & websites unreachable.

Larger sites naturally need to be quoted for & we are happy to do this without charge or obligation (as with our other services) so please do contact us.

HTML Emails

HTML email templates (EDMs) can be designed and built starting from £135 -no VAT with typical campaigns going forward including adding your content & broadcast priced from £100 - no VAT.

JeliNet NZ's Portfolio

Below is a small number of websites we have built. We have dozens of clients, largely in the UK, some of which are agencies whom we have built hundreds of projects for as a white label service.