The story so far...

JeliNet NZ is headed up by British ex pat, Jel (Gary Legg), based in beautiful Ohaupo in the Waipa.

Jel was building websites and other digital products before most people had an email account - 1998, to be precise. Most of the business to date has been in the UK where Jel spent 10 years supplying solutions for major record-labels such as Virgin, EMI, Universal, Warner Music and DECCA as well as other big brands such as Motorola, Facebook and Subway.

JeliNet NZ has always been both a New Zealand and UK business with clients in both countries, and many others besides. It's the nature of this work - the world is one great big office! After the move back to NZ in 2012 clients in the UK remained with Jel, understanding good suppliers are worth holding onto no matter where they are. Digital services are global & with Jel's local knowledge for Surrey and the surrounding counties, along with the cultural fit with being quintessentially British (he still has Bank Holidays even in NZ!) moving between the two worlds has been transparent.

Jel wears many hats. When he's not behind a computer screen creating websites, he's in his recording studio. He is also a Music Producer and Sound Engineer specialising in audio production, sound mixing and podcasts. This goes hand-in-hand with his web services and feeds his creative pangs.

In a previous life he has worked in Aerospace, Defence and Automotive R&D as an electronics technician. He's had fun. From building Mars explorers for the Russians, to transmission computers for the Bugatti Veyron, he knows a thing or two about quality and professionalism. He is accurate and stands behind everything he does. He has a few good stories too....

Beyond all this, getting out in the garage or section with a bag of tools and a pile of bits and making something is his greatest inspiration - life, after all, is in the real world & the digital world is there only to support it.

Jel in the garage