website maintenance services

Do you need someone to keep your website up to date with fresh content?

While Content Management Systems are ideal for some websites, they still require your time to use. Also, they don't create bespoke graphics, or edit photos the way a real person can with Photoshop. One thing all CMS have in common is that they claim to be very easy to use. In some cases its true, in some its far from reality. In all cases it depends on you, not me and not the chosen system. If you have little interest in computers, and even less patience with them, then nothing on earth will appear simple!

For many customers who are busy running their businesses, it's just not an economic use of time to update websites. An hour of my time can achieve many updates and you have the assurance they all are done professionally to preserve the integrity and branding on your website. 

What's type of service does JeliNet offer?

I offer an on-demand service in which updates are made as and when required. Most updates are done on the same day as requested and all urgent updates are prioritised. The minimum billing time is 15 minutes. I back everything up twice after every update. For frequent small updates invoices are issued when the timesheet reaches a pre-arranged amount - usually around £100. Any update over 1 hour is usually quoted for approval. All type of work is charged at the same rate whether image editing, HTML coding, copy editing, video editing etc.

Can you help with our current website?

In most cases yes - provided I have access to the hosting where the site lives. I'm happy to do a free appraisal of your site and present the options available to you.