website conversion rates

Search Engine Optimisation in GodalmingWe're getting really high visitor numbers but very few people are contacting us - why?

At one end of the scale you can have a beautiful website that sits lonely and unloved on the internet and at the other end you have an accident in a paint factory type of website that gets thousands of unique visitors a month.

Somewhere in between should be your website - clean and professional looking and easy to navigate but also built to be found. It's little use highly optimising your website if it fails to create the right impression when a visitor arrives. They simply will not contact you. As any business knows a phone call is half way to deal, so it's very important that your website converts being found into real enquiries.

Would you rather have 10,000 visitors and 100 enquiries or 1,000 visitors and 50 enquiries?

The second option would have a conversion rate 5 times higher than the first . . .

Your site does not have to be super-flashy - it just needs to be clean and clearly convey your products, services or message in a way which inspires confidence in your potential customer. Web users are quite 'savvy' - they can view hundreds of websites a month and along they way they create a mental image of what a 'good website' is. To this end your site should fit in with the current trend of what most other websites look like. It's the safe approach and the one I take. If you get too experimental you alienate users.