jelinet prices - open and transparent with no hidden charges

JeliNet's prices are set to be as competitive as possible whilst still enabling me to supply professional web site products. Prices are always flexible & most work is undertaken as fixed-price contracts. If you have a well defined project and a tight budget please call to discuss. Discounts are available for volume work.

The following are a guide only - please contact me for a precise quote. Rates updated April 6th 2014.

Website design prices

Starter 4 page bespoke website design & build
Typical 8 page bespoke website design & build

Wordpress CMS Website - bespoke design - full Content Management


From £599.00

From £799.00

Please note: Complete web site design projects are always quoted on a fixed-price contract.

Website maintenance rates

Standard hourly rate for all maintenance work


The minimum billing time is 1 hour (£45) for new sites to familiarise myself and set up local files and 0.25 hours (£11.25) thereafter for sites I have previously updated. Invoices are usually issued when the billable amount reaches £100 or when 2 months of non-activity has accured.

Hosting charges with JeliNet (if required)

Linux hosting account for typical small business website, including as many email accounts as required.

£40.00 per year

Prices may vary if using third party hosting companies - for full details on Linux hosting account options please visit Please also see the Hosting section for more details.

Banner design typical costs

Design and build of animated gif banner

Static banner design - jpeg

From £45.00

From £45.00

The final cost will reflect the complexity of the animation and/or design. Variations on a design for on-going campaigns are charged at less once the initial template is built.

HTML Email prices

HTML Email design & build

HTML Email - build from your designs

From £180.00

From £90.00

All prices are inclusive of project management overheads - emails, backups, phone calls to you and any third parties and postage of assets (where applicable).

Please note: All prices are NOT subject to VAT. JeliNet is GST registered in NZ however, all services are export to UK clients and therefore not subject to VAT.