website makeovers - freshen up your existing site

Is your website looking a little tired and out of date? A simple makeover could solve the problem resulting in a fresh look and new code to perform better in the Search Engines.

A limitted budget may not stretch to a full new website, or you may like your existing site while acknowledging it needs a bit of tidying up. One of the most common reasons for a makeover is to bring the underlying code up to date and improve search engine optimisation. There are lots of websites built using complex javascript and flash menus, table structures and older unsupported code. A makeover can be a very cost effective way to get a 'new' website as you avoid the design costs.

Case Study - Robert Gamlen Homes


The original site (above left) was built using tables and an advanced Javascript menu system. Once the webmaster of the site discovered the menu editing software wouldn't run on Vista it was time for a rebuild! I rebuilt the whole site in CSS with a clean tab menu and a quick rework of the visuals just to improve the design. Total project time: 1 day.