adding photos, audio, video & flash to your website

Professional photography

Getting the photos right in your site can have a huge positive impact on the design. If you need professional images there are a couple of solutions.

JeliNet works closely with John Durrant, who is both an experienced photographer and an expert in digitally enhancing images to make them the best they can be. John specialises in photographing high quality properties and low level aerial photography (using a very tall special mast!) however, he is equally adept with any object and people too. You can see some of his work at and

Stock photography

There are thousands of fantastic high quality photos and artwork available from many online libraries at very reasonable prices. I use and recommend iStock. Web sites only need small to medium resolution images so it's not too expensive to use this approach - about 60p to £3 per image and around £10 for high quality vector artwork. Even if you only use one image, it could be the best investment you make to give your site the impact it needs.

Audio processing & editing

Audio production & editingJeliNet started out as recording studio, hence why I have a large music industry client base. I still retain post production audio facilities to edit, master and produce music and audio. I am able to offer a number of audio players & jukeboxes to integrate music and podcasts into your website.

The latest professional software such as Sonar 8, Soundfordge 9 and a large array of software plug-ins are used to process audio. I have many years experience of audio restoration work. Important recordings that may seem beyond saving can often be improved to a usable standard. I'm also able to create soundscapes, special effects and royalty-free music clips to order.

Video encoding for websites

Video Encoding for websitesJeliNet has a number of professional software applications to convert most types of videos to the standard Flash Video (FLV) format. I can also create other formats such as WMV, Real Video or Quick Time if required. I create internet ready video but not full broadcast or production quality DVD video. I'm also able to supply a number of different video players to use in your website including jukeboxes that can be edited using simple XML files.

Many customers deliver short length video content from their websites with no need for special hosting. If you have long video clips, a large amount of video or a large audience I can advise on specialist 3rd party streaming services. I'm happy to do simple edits & can create titles but prefer videos supplied already edited to keep your overall web design costs to a minimum.


Flash is well established on the internet. JeliNet has been involved with the technology for 10 years during which time I've seen it grow up. There are many wonderous things that can be done with Flash. Much of our portfolio - especially the Music section - is built using Flash. I can supply entire websites using this technology or just elements. The most obvious use of Flash is in advertising banners of which we have supplied hundreds. 

YouTube has perhaps done more to make Flash a standard plug-in on computers than any other website. The days of “does the user have flash?” are behind us. For video delivery there really is no other technology with such a deep market saturation. There are some specialists who are truly genius with Flash. I'm simply practical and affordable! 10 years experience with the technology has left me knowing exactly what works best online.

We've seen something very expensive looking -  can you do this?

Flash has evolved to the point where it's become largely unecessary to create many applications from scratch. Flash image galleries are a good example of this. The most cost effective way to get the best effects on your site is for us to purchase the licence to use an existing product and style it to suit your web site. We have an account with Activeden which, amongst others, provides brilliant and affordable solutions for your Flash requirements.

Naturally we can put together bespoke products for your site, and as your can see from our portfolio we have a lot of experience producing full-flash sites.