what not to do with seo

Search Engine Optimisation in GodalmingThere are several rules that must not be broken when optimising your website. To do so risks having your site knocked down the rankings, or worse de-listed.

Doorway pages

Originally these were pages crammed with lots of keywords that tricked search engines and automatically jumped to the actual website. This has been largely stopped as search engines look for the homepage (which has special reserved names) and only index pages leading out, not in on the same domain.

Invisible keywords

I'm often asked to load up lots of keywords on the homepage in white text on a white background - visible to the search engines but not the viewer. Big no-no - Google et al can spot this in the code!

Keyword stuffing

This is when you use too many keywords in your copy. You'll know when this happens - your pages will read like a thesaurus. Visitors don't like it and neither does Google! You often see it on sites that say their service covers every town they can find in England. No matter that you type in they are your local business, but really they are hundreds of miles away.

Putting lots of outbound links on your homepage

Not often requested but to be avoided ! You site could look like a link farm to Google - that is a site that only serves to link to other sites - not something of intrinsic value.

Some of these above can work - some sites with them can do well. But equally how many sites are never found because of them? More importantly can you afford to leave your visitor feeling tricked into finding your website?