real world advertising

Search Engine Optimisation in GodalmingNow we have a website why would we consider advertising it in the real world?

Real-world advertising still has benefits. If you have the budget then consider advertising in newspapers, specialist magazines and even local radio. Qualified visits to your site sourced from off-line advertising may generate more genuinely interested visitors than those clicking on search engine results.

People are still drawn in by off-line advertising because people still live in the real world and are likely to do so for the foreseeable future. Ironically as the internet grows real-world advertising may become seen as more of an exclusive medium for quality brands. Also conversely as printed advertising revenue drops the costs for placement may fall . . .

In the extreme, large companies have huge budgets for TV advertising to promote a website that has little online promotion and little SEO. You can get a website to dominate the search engines with virtually no online promotion simply by creating a site that has really high visitor numbers. Google spots this and sees the site as important.

What can we do on a tight budget?

It may seem crazy for a web design business to attempt to persuade you to think about off-line advertising but I have a pragmatic approach to the internet. Not all businesses are the same and not all are suited to online advertising beyond having an effective website. The key thing to consider is that a website is probably the most cost effective advertising you can have - organic SEO, which is included in my sites by default, will get it found. In many cases your business is done in the real world and your site serves to back that up. To this end, and for minimal outlay, you need to promote your web address on business cards, email signatures, letter heads and all other business stationary.

JeliNet works very closely with specialists in traditional marketing and print design at Farrow Creative. I fully recommend you speak with Sam or Chris at Farrow Creative to discuss your off line ideas.