what jelinet can do to search engine optimise your website

Search Engine Optimisation in GodalmingI won't promise the earth but I can do a number of things to improve your website's ranking.

Build your website to be found

If it's a new website I'll build it the correct way using my knowledge of how search engines work. You don't pay extra for this - it's standard in the price. It's not that the process it obvious - its not - it's simply that I've done it so many times that its second nature now!

File and folder will be named using keywords. Images will have keyword rich alt tags. CSS mark-up will be used for the site structure. Correct tags for content will be used such as h1 and h2 tags. Correct meta tags will be added and different page titles used. Scripts will be loaded from external files keeping page code as minimal as possible. Navigation will be positioned and coded to ensure the search engines can find their way through your site to index all pages. Sitemaps will be used to ensure everything gets indexed.

Rebuild your website if the structure is having a negative impact

Some websites can look fine but are built using older code which is not helping, or even seriously damaging the site. I can do complete rebuilds at competitive prices without changing your design. Once converted to CSS your site will last for years as this has become the established standard for the internet. Contact me if for a FREE appraisal of your current site.

Understand your business & customers

Understanding your business and how people find you is essential to the copy writing. Keywords are usually not too much of a challenge - key phrases are. I have years of experience of both web design for nearly every type of client plus a wide experience of subjects in the real world. The net result is an ability to hone in on how to position your website.

Edit your copy to increase keyword count

Most customers supply their own copy however it's always good to have a fresh pair of eyes review it. Often keywords can be introduced or the repeat count altered to improve your ranking.

Set up Google Analytics

Adding Google Analytics to existing sites is generally quite simple. I'm happy to advise on this and help.