stand alone & integrated blogs

Stand alone and integrated BlogsBlogs are ideal products to add additional content to your website beyond your core information.

JeliNet can supply fully-styled blogs based on the Wordpress platform. The blogs can be either fully integrated with your website or created as separate standalone sites.

Although called 'blogs' the name can be a bit limiting. The whole site can be integrated into the software to provide a Content Management solution controlled from one entry point through a browser. Some companies also use the blogging software to enable staff members to publish articles or news from their department independent of the main corporate website. This ensures the corporate image is protected but allows for an area of a website where informal content can be published.

Blogs are partly defined by the ability to leave responses to posts. It is not necessary to have two-way traffic on a blog - if you prefer you remove the invitation for comments.

In most cases it is possible to add a blog to your existing site so that it displays seamlessly. Behind the scenes the blog runs on its own database and is self contained. The Wordpress software is free, well supported and has been around and in use for many years. You pay to have the software installed, setup, styled and tested.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.