html emails & e-shots

JeliNet's HTML EmailsHTML Emails, or e-shots are a unique area of web design. Along with advertising on websites they are very cost-effective marketing tools for your business.

HTML emails are single-page websites that are able to deliver exciting and enticing advertising direct to your customer's inboxes. Customers who opt-in will appreciate being kept informed of your latest deals, products and services.

HTML Email Design & Build Service

I am happy to design & build your HTML Emails, or simply build your designs. These products need to be built using old-fashioned coding to ensure they work across as many email programs as possible. If you are planning to send the emails yourself you'll need to have a website to host the images, which I can upload for you. If you are planning to use a third party service they will usually host the images for you. I am happy to either design and build, or build from your artwork & advise on the best approach to delivering these products.

Testing HTML Emails

As soon as a an HTML email reaches a certain level of complexity it is tested using the Litmus online service which delivers test emails to a wide range of end-user email programs. Typical testing environments include Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Windows Live Mail, many versions of Outlook, Endura and Lotus Notes.

Delivery of HTML Emails

It is possible to send out small numbers of HTML emails yourself however, please note that many ISPs and web hosting companies restrict the number of emails you can send per hour. Typically this may be between 60 and 100 & is designed to protect networks from computers sending spam. For very small lists - typically less than 100 - it is possible to use programs such as Outlook to send HTML emails (in batches).

For larger deliveries you'll need a 3rd party service such as Dot Mailer or Mail Chimp which offer many professional services such as 'unsubscribe' and 'forward to a friend' facilities. These service providers also manage your mail lists, delete contacts that bounce back and also provide forms for your website to allow new people to opt-in for your newsletters etc.