html emails & e-shots - frequently asked questions

JeliNet's HTML EmailsWhy do we have to host images on a server?

The email that is sent does not include the images. Instead it contains links to the images which will be held either on your website, or if you use a third party to send the emails they will host the images. It is not advisable to send html emails with the images embedded.

Can we have video, flash, or forms in HTML Emails?

No. All of the above, along with any features that use javascript, will be disabled by most email readers. In terms of functionality you should only send very simple emails, though of course they can be made to look very special.

How can we stop our HTML Emails being marked as spam?

Ultimately this depends in how strict the recipient's email anti-spam filter is. One of the simplest things we can do is to make sure there is a sensible text to image ratio. If the email only contains images there is a good chance it will be marked as spam.

Can we find out who has read the emails?

You can discover how many were opened - this is a function of most third-party delivery services. Many also provide detailed statistics including which links were clicked on in the email.