the jelinet approach

JeliNet specialises in designing attractive and practical websites within sensible budgets.

Websites come in all shapes and sizes - I specialise in small to medium sites for start-up businesses and individuals, especially in the creative arts. I take a personal approach to the project from start to end - you will always be working with me & you'll get full support before, during and after.

Fixed price budgets and fast turn-around when needed

We agree a price up front. Only if the brief changes significantly do I raise a flag. I don't expect to receive surprise bills for any service I buy and I don't expect you do either. From brief to publication it's possible to create a typical 8 page site in 2 days. Of course few people need to work that fast, but if you do, so can I.
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Everything explained in plain English

I like plain English. The internet is complicated enough without using a whole new dictionary of words to confuse things. Unless you are really interested in the technical stuff, you can leave me to worry about the coding!

Search Engine Optimisation is built into HTML sites by default

Using the correct methods of coding enables search engines to find your pages and index your site's content. JeliNet websites get found in the search engines
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Content management software that is easy to use

Most website owners only need to change text and images. Most really only need to change text. I recommend Adobe Contribute to many of my customers as it cuts the development costs by up to 80% and removes layers of technology that many sites just don't need. For around £200 Contribute is a fully developed commercial program. None of my customers have required training to use it . . . but I'm always here to help.
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Independent hosting & domain names fully owned by you

At first sight it might be very convenient to have your web designer offer hosting and domain name services. However I have many customers approach me when their web designer has ceased trading or lost interest. At that stage you risk losing your domain name. I believe you should own your domain name and website completely (design copyright included). So, I help you to set up independent hosting. It's very easy to do.
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On completion of the project you receive all of the design files

You only return to me if you are happy with my service. I use industry standard software - the full Adobe suite. With the source files (flash, fireworks, photoshop etc) you can take your design to any other professional web designer if you wish to.

Out of office hours deliveries

JeliNet's office in Auckland, New Zealand is based at home so I can work very flexible hours including nights and weekends to ensure your tight schedules are met. By default most work is delivered overnight. You deal with Jel - the owner of the business - so you get the best attention at all times.

I've been designing web sites for nearly 14 years

14 years is a long time in this business - a lot has changed. I've have seen technology fashions come and go but have learned that the core purpose of most websites has stayed the same. I approach every new technology with caution and always keep my mind in the real world where your customers are.
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