content management (cms) for your website

JeliNet Content ManagementHaving the ability to update your website can save you money and give you full ownership of your website.

What's the simple solution for updating websites?

Adobe Contribute CS5. In a nutshell it's a brilliantly simple software tool that enables you to edit your website. You can edit text, add images, links, mp3s, Word Documents, Excel Documents and PDFs, create new pages and even revert to previous pages if you make a mistake! Contribute works with standard websites & requires no databases or application coding.

You simply install a copy of Adobe Contribute on your computer. I send you an encrypted key via email that sets up the software for you, including connection to your web hosting service. If you can use Microsoft Word then you will be able to use Contribute.  One copy of Contribute can be used to edit unlimited numbers of websites.

How does it work?

You work on draft copies of the page you are editing. As you edit the page it appears as it would online - there is no editing abstract boxes in forms! When you are happy you click a button and the page is published. If you mess up you can revert to a previous copy of the page. The process is as simple as using Microsoft Word. If you want to create a new page you simply save one from an existing page and change to content. You can also add menu items linking to new pages. Our design software (Dreamweaver) integrates with Contribute so that if any more sophisticated tasks need to be done from time to time we can assist for a minimal charge.

How much does Contribute cost?

Contribute CS5 is available from many online shops for typically around £180.00 - the price can vary according to the exchange rate with the US dollar. In more favourable economic times the price has been down to £120.00.

What are the advantages of Contribute CS5 over other CMS?

Two main advantages. Firstly, the software is designed by Adobe who know a thing or two about web design. You are buying a stable product that is used world-wide by hundreds of thousands of customers. You also get their support and access to a wide community of users. Secondly, it is probably the easiest CMS to use on the market. Oh and thirdly, it's great value for money and fourthly once you have a copy you can edit any number of websites! *

Do I need special hosting for my site?

No, you will simply need an account that allows FTP access - i.e. not one that is restricted to uploading files via a browser based control panel. You can use Contribute with Windows and Linux servers and install the software on Windows and Macintosh PCs.

Can JeliNet provide other types of Content Management Software?

Yes - I am able to build your site using Wordpress. This is one of the most well-know and best Blogging software systems, but it also doubles up as an ideal content management system for small to medium sized websites.

Would you like more information?

Either visit Adobe to read about Contribute, or contact me to have a chat about how you can update your web site.

* Websites must meet a number of requirements. They must be hosted on a server with FTP access. They must not be database driven or full Flash designs.