about jelinet web design

Jel (Gary Legg)JeliNet is owned by Jel (Gary Legg) & is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

My focus is purely on affordable web design and website builds however, I have a network of professional associates who can supply all your print requirements and specialist online services such as ecommerce and database development.

About Jel

I've been building websites, html emails and Flash content for over 13 years - 10 years in the UK and the rest in New Zealand where the business is now located. I'm also a Record Producer and Sound Engineer specialising in audio post production and podcasts. Before the internet I was an aerospace, defence and automotive R&D Electronics Technician. From building Mars explorers for the Russians to the transmission control computers on the Bugatti Veyron I've been involved with quality all my life. I prefer to do something properly, rather than attempt something poorly.

As a dual-national I've shared my time between Britain and New Zealand, both offering many attractions both in business and for ifestyle.

I'm not a fan of double-speak or techno-jargon. Actually I'm not that interested in computers - and I certainly don't like gadgets or technology that exists for its own sake. So why be a web designer? Simple - I like what websites can do for people in real-life. Computers are tools. Websites are the products of computers. As products, websites sell, inform, advertise, entertain, connect and celebrate the real world. Printing presses were just a machines but the books they produced changed the world.